Wonderful Review | 2023 “Keytec Color Cup” China Floor Industry Golf Invitational Tournament was successfully held.


On 12th December, 2023 “Keytec Color Cup” China Floor Industry Golf      Invitational Tournament was successfully held in the top golf course of Lion Lake in Qingyuan. The event was hosted by Floor Industry Branch of China Building Materials Federation and Guangdong Floor Association, undertaken by Guangdong Keytec New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.


Participants in the game were divided into seven teams, each of which started an 18-hole stroke play. Competing in the green field, being heroes depended by poles, concentrating, relaxing, showing excellent sports state, and showing the confidence and elegance of entrepreneurs in the new era in the combination of mechanics and aesthetics.


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Handsome and chic, heroic and spirited, enjoy the pleasure of green sports and experience the fun of golf competition. With their own actual combat experience, everyone will give full play to their personal skills and charm.


This competition has a total champion, runner-up and third runner-up; Net shot champion, runner-up and runner-up; There are also the recent flagpole award, the farthest distance award and the BB award, etc. The organizer Keytec Color provided exquisite prizes such as clubs, bags and clothing bags.Hope every player can return home with honor and luck.



Every gathering of friends and colleagues is an unforgettable time. With friends, learning skills and sharing the beauty of nature, the 2023 “Keytec Color Cup” China Floor Industry Golf Invitational Tournament was successfully concluded, and we look forward to meeting again next time!


Post time: Dec-15-2023