The 22nd Keyteccolors Training Course on the Practice of Color Technology Wraps Up with Great Success

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From March 9 to 11, Keyteccolors held the 22nd Training Course on the Practice of Color Technology successfully. With the specialists from Keyteccolors Technical Service Department as the instructors, the course drew numerous participants from over 30 enterprises, among whom are senior leaders, R&D staff, production workers, and technical engineers.

The participants from across China gathered here to learn the fundamental theories of color and the applied knowledge of color mixing, integrating theory with practice to master the skill of color mixing and boost professional growth.

 Theory Course

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In the theory course, the instructors introduced the development and culture of Keyteccolors, systematically explained the fundamental theories of color and the cutting-edge knowledge of color mixing, and emphasized the attention points and practical skills in colorant application (including the definition of hue, intelligent color mixing, as well as the common issues and the skills of mixing colors). Everyone engaged in the course by asking questions to share their experience and concerns. 

Color Mixing Practice

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However, without practice, the theory would only make you an armchair strategist. Therefore, the training course provided plenty of opportunities for the participants to practice what they learned. The participants could receive training step by step, from beginner to advanced level, and even join the color mixing contest to improve their ability to mix colors. Through this training, we believe that every participant, beginner or expert, will have a deeper understanding of the color mixing and paint manufacturing process.

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Since the training course on the practice of color technology, Keyteccolors has gained support and encouragement from numerous customers and industrial insiders. This course can not only build up a channel for customers to communicate in person but also offer the insiders a chance to visit the front line, where they can become more familiar with the section of mixing colors in the production process.

We sincerely hope all the participants can benefit from this course and lay a solid theoretical basis for practical development to energize the color and realize coordinated development.

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Participants of the 22nd Keyteccolors Training Course on the Practice of Color Technology

Post time: Mar-22-2023